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Every business owner knows that attention to detail can make or break your company. We review office spaces to let to keep you on trend and professional.

Differentiating your business in a changing world, where Millennials are now making purchasing decisions, is key to ensuring that you look proficient while navigating a slower economy on your journey to success. The trend of using serviced office space to aid in this growth, as a sustainable solution, is set to grow this year.

Focus needs to be on business flexibility and design. The “baby boomers” have started retiring and selling their properties, making it a competitive space for business owners to play in. Instead of concentrating on bricks and mortar, you should be concentrating on your business strategy.

Connection focused business

Gone are the days of hard selling. Businesses are operating in a “connection economy” and need to exercise flexibility now that the “age of the millennial has arrived”.

Renting office space lends itself to both productivity as well as flexibility. It ensures that as a business owner you are;

  1. Ensuring workforce wellness
  2. Operating on convenience
  3. Connecting with customers
  4. Saving on overheads
  5. Increasing your revenue

Doing your annual business plan and reviewing your SWOT analysis, without the capital outlay as well as the recurring costs such as buildings insurance, fibre connectivity, telephone lines etc. will lend itself to more opportunity and strength within your larger long-term strategy.

Free to grow the skills you need

Office spaces to let take the worry out of business. This frees up time to concentrate on building skills as well as client relationships. 5 key strategies to protect your business should be non-negotiable ensuring both satisfaction and retention of your customers.

Serviced offices are the ultimate solution. You not only benefit from reduced capital expenditure and flexibility, your business can take advantage of;

  1. Lower risk
  2. Prime locations
  3. More time
  4. Trendy environments
  5. On-site support

The make or break of your business depends on which serviced office space provider you partner with. Often deals seem too good to be true and there is a lack of flexibility to match your business’ growth plan.

A review of office spaces to let

Think flexibility. Ask the important questions. Do the calculations. Is the lease fixed at a great deal only if you sign up for 2 years? What are the hidden costs?

Which locations open up for your business? For example can you do business in Cape Town and Johannesburg with ease? Is there furniture or the option to use your own, will this cost you? Can you start virtually and grow from there? Is there the option to upscale as well as downscale, should you need to?

It is important to keep in mind the following key decision breakers;

  1. Is the office ideally located to major highways?
  2. Is the office layout conducive to success?
  3. Is the office feel professional and trendy?
  4. Is there sufficient support and facilities for staff?
  5. Is the most innovative technology available?

When reviewing office space for rent always ensure that the day to day operational extras are included i.e. the receptionist, the IT support team, meeting room booking facilities and coffee machines to spoil your clients.