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When looking for video conferencing solutions in S.Africa connectivity is not the only factor you need to consider, additionally you need online video skills.

Video conferencing in South Africa has become one of the most attractive ways to do business. With rising expenses for air travel and accommodation, South Africans are looking to cost effective solutions that enable meaningful face-to-face conversations without losing time and money.

Although video conferencing solutions launched a while back it is important to partner with local business who understand our connectivity constraints to ensure you stay connected, leaving you to only worry about your meeting etiquette and online video skills

Professionalism is key

When you want to have a successful video conference you need to be on trend and secure a space in which a productive and successful meeting can be held.

Online meetings also require a few presentation skills and etiquette to ensure your success, 7 key pointers to keep in mind when hosting a video conference;

  1. Make sure you are online at least 10 minutes before your attendees
  2. Always introduce yourself before speaking so everyone knows who is talking
  3. Take note of the other speakers names so you can personally address them
  4. Remember to enunciate every word but speak naturally and slowly. Don’t shout!
  5. Don’t fidget and keep eye contact as constant movement is distracting online
  6. Always wait as conversation can be lost online so make notes of points to make later
  7. Un-mute your mute and stay apart of the conversation and let it flow naturally

Having an online meeting means you are in a virtual world, always be cognisant of how you represent your business.

Do your checks

Video conferencing is only as good as the hosting structure. When looking to online meetings you must ask these 5 questions before you decide on who you will use as a service provider;

  1. What is the uptime?
  2. What security measures are in place?
  3. What is the connection speed?
  4. Is there redundancy in place?
  5. Do they offer 24 hour support?

Always do your checks as this ensures that should the answer to all the questions above be yes, you are likely to be closing deals at a pace without any interruption or worry.

Face-to-face counts

Technology has taken the forefront in the business arena. We recently wrote about the 5 reasons businesses are looking to use video conferencing solutions as an alternative.

To highlight the importance of face-to-face here are 3 no-no’s to keep your meeting experience seamless while cutting down on distractions;

  1. Don’t wear red or black and white stripes
  2. Don’t sit in a room with background noise
  3. Don’t type on your keyboard during the meeting

Choose the right environment with the correct support.

Video conferencing Cape Town

Why leave the mountain when the mountain can come to you? When adopting video conferencing into your every day running of your business, we enable you, through our state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions to have peace of mind and flexibility to fit your online meeting needs.

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