Video Conference

As the world watches in anticipation over the global ratings to see how easy it will be to do business with South Africa, we celebrate a solutions orientated business mind-set. Looking to green business and video conference solutions to restore both business as well as investor confidence as South Africans “Box clever”.

With a tighter business climate South African business’ resilience shines through. Overcoming the real economy and financial setbacks means that businesses need to internalise their environments to become financially sound for a sustainable future.

Making business difficult is not an option

High exchange rates and time are huge culprits of businesses having to “tighten their belts”. The increase in airfares, train fares, operational costs and the talks of South Africa’s business confidence dropping to an all-time low has led to innovation nationwide.

Business is looking for real-time solutions with a clear ROI. This causes business owners to ask tough questions;

  • What is the real cost of sale?
  • How do we remain innovative?
  • Where will we be in 5 years?

Recently UberGreen piloted in Johannesburg, leading to additional business for Uber of 15,000 rides in a 4 week period. The demand for a green solution was so successful that the Cape Town UberGreen pilot launched June 2016 with the objective of business growth of electric mobility.

Teleconference the alternative business mobility

If UberGreen is experimenting in Cape Town, why not follow in their green footsteps and invest in business alternatives to keep you mobile and profitable, like video conferencing.

Mobility in your business is key to survival in the current economic climate. As the exchange rate increases so too does the cost to do business. Business Tech reported that the Rand vs Dollar exchange saw an increase of 200% over the last 5 years [$7.59 in 2012 – $15.23 in 2016].

South Africans are coughing up an additional 24% in 2016 than in 2015 due to the hike from $12.26 to $15.23.

If we take international travel into account that means a business class flight to the US today i.e. CPT – JFK would set you back around $2, 375 .69. In 2015 it would have only been $1, 912.40 and that’s one way!

That means your business today has to invest an additional R14, 111.81 for a return business flight and that is without even considering car hire and hotel accommodation. Not to mention the 58 hour travel time, excluding time to and from the airport as well as time sitting in the airport lounge.

Save 58 hours of business and invest in your business

Video conferencing solutions and holding online meetings gives you 58 hours more time. That in real terms is another 7.25 working days.

The advantages of video conferencing and being strategic as well as green in your business dealings are tenfold.

By video conferencing Cape Town to New York you will not only gain an additional week of business, you will also make an immediate saving of R 38, 779.44 in flights, a hotel at JFK and car hire i.e. 1 hour virtual meeting from 1 location @ R 1,245 (with tea and coffee and the mountain) instead of the total cost to travel @ R 40, 024,44.

Video conference is your business real-time solution with a clear ROI. It reduces your cost of sale, keeps you innovative and you will be 5 years ahead of the competition.