Coffee Time written on a chalk board with a filter kettle & a coffee mug.

The only thing you should be doing in a coffee shop is filling yourself with caffeine and a bite to eat. Coffee shop meetings are dead. It is now out-dated and in the unwritten rules of professional business you should conduct your meetings in actual business meeting places.

The importance of business meeting locations is upholding a positive, professional image. When looking to close that business transaction, you have worked on whole heartedly, that will take your business to new heights you need to ensure you appear confident and have the capacity to “do it behind closed doors”.


Flexible work space is on trend and affords you, the business owner, the flexibility and proficiency to “espresso yourself”.

By ensuring you have the necessary professional business meeting facilities you are able to give your business a home. Wake up and smell the coffee. There is meeting space for rent and when looking at meeting space rental you do not have to worry about it breaking the bank.

When running your business and especially when you are first starting out, you will spend an enormous amount of your time in meetings. Whether you need to meet with your partners, accountant, personnel, and current or soon-to-be clients book a meeting room.

Entrepreneurs love the smell of possibility in the morning and understand the importance and value in both a professional image as well as expert behaviour.

If you would like to be the cat that got the cream, here are 5 of our favourite rules in business etiquette for successful meetings:

  1. Come prepared. Be concise and make sure you give a firm handshake to set the tone for the meeting
  2. When sitting at the meeting table ensure your attendees are not faced to a window to get distracted
  3. Turn off your mobile, time is money so make every minute count
  4. You can drink coffee or water, but avoid eating at the table and do not have your cellphone out
  5. Renting a conference room is preferred if you have a large amount of meeting attendees

Should you find yourself distracted while wrapped up in an all-important meeting, coffee shops with meeting rooms aka Business Cafés are perfect complimentary atmospheres to clear your mind and fill your stomachs for round two in your business meeting places, ensuring your professional image is complimented and you do not distract from the business at hand.

5 essential must-haves when choosing your meeting or conference room, whether you be interviewing, presenting, and consulting, you need to need a lasting impression:

  1. Ample amount of comfortable seating to put attendees at ease
  2. Top of the range Wi-Fi connection for smooth meeting
  3. Professional presentation facilities including flip charts and white boards
  4. State of the art technology and ICT on-site support
  5. Convenience of the location with an intimate environment to succeed

Don’t let your potential clients have “Deja Brew”. Surprise them with your professional surroundings and the confidence to close deals. Instant your meetings and take your success to the next level.