Whether you are a small business owner or if you are a company just looking for new fresh office space, the benefits of a fully furnished office space are very exciting and make business sense when you look at the financial and productivity aspects of it.

Cost Saving

By utilizing office space which is fully furnished you are given a degree of financial freedom to use the extra capital you are saving on furniture to further expand your business in another direction. This capital saving could turn out to be an additional software program that you need, a specialized printer that will set you apart from your competitors or even just be seen as a true cost saving.

While a fully furnished office does cost more a month than an unfurnished ones, the long term savings and business productivity make the small increase in monthly rental seem insignificant.

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Uniformity & Professionalism

By utilizing already furnished office space you are ensuring that your office has a uniform and professional look about it. Very often when a business grows, it grows organically and sources furniture as and when it can afford it. Very often this translates to furniture styles that are cheap at the time because they are “end of range” which means that the next time you buy a desk, it will be a different desk on special; then your office will no longer look alike.

There is a lot to be said for an office environment which has the professional look and feel of a big business venture. Staff feel more important; appreciated and proud of where they work when their furniture is not only in good condition, but also uniform.

Time Saving

For businesses that are either just starting out, or are branching out to new areas, a furnished office solution means that your business can start working and making a profit sooner as there is no down time while furniture is being sourced and acquired.

General benefits of the Business Centre

The Business Centre’s office space solutions also gives you access to the state of the art meeting and board rooms which come complete with AV equipment; theatre style lighting and professional meeting room style furniture.

The Business Café also allows you to order in coffee, tea and light meals either for during your working day, or when you are entertaining clients and prospective clients in one of the meeting rooms.

Safe and secure parking for both your employees and clients means that you can focus on the business at hand and not be worrying about the safety of your car during the day or night.

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