One of the great appeals of co-working spaces is that you can grow your business in a familiar space until you reach a large enough size to get your own space.

When starting a business a major consideration that start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners need to make is finding the ideal working space and perhaps the option to pursue co-working arrangements. One of the great appeals of sourcing a shared working space is the temporary nature and flexible solution it offers while the business becomes more established and until the need for a permanent office solution arises.

As the business ecosystem evolves and the digital age influences the type of office space and rental requirements, most business owners look for flexibility, mobility and convenience when selecting the optimal work space solution. Shared office options offers greater flexibility and access to cash flow, allowing entrepreneurs’ to focus on core business operations without feeling the leech that a fixed property commitment may create early on.

Shared office space solutions are available with various characteristics that service the flexible needs of small business owners.

  • Furnished Work Stations – the ultimate in serviced office solutions. With all amenities provided for, furnished work space options offer the lessee a comprehensive, all-inclusive office space solution.
  • Virtual Office Solutions – Cost effective and low risk, virtual office space offers business owners the very basic in office amenities that include the option of reception services, access to meeting rooms and the ultimate in flexible leasing terms.
  • Unfurnished Office Options – allowing for business owners to furnish and customize layout and work stations setup to desired needs, for greater control of unique requirements.

Each option offers start-up business owners various benefits and features that can be customized to suit individual needs. Different shared office space options offer tailored work space solutions which are available at various price points and with flexible lease agreements.

When in its infancy, a business start-up may not enjoy the luxury of being able to commit to a long term fixed payment schedule on a permanent office property. Small businesses may be on the cusp of experiencing desired growth but not quite require the girth of a larger corporate property just yet.

Sharing office space with other business entities makes for the ideal solution to early start-up entities and sole proprieties. Negotiable lease agreements and flexible rental terms  allows business owners to find the intricate balance between saving on short term property costs while building up capital to invest in more permanent solutions for the future.

Typical lease terms include:

  • 3-month term – the shortest term agreement and ultimate in flexibility
  • 6-month term – medium term shared space commitment
  • 12-month term – the longest term agreement

While making the commitment to larger, more permanent office space solutions is the long term goal of many business owners, committing to a large corporate space, in the early stages of the lifecycle of any business could be detrimental to an SMME’s success projection.

The Business Centre Serviced Office Suites offers business owners flexible office space options in various locations within the Johannesburg and Sandton central business districts as well as the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal

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