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With the talks of high unemployment and skills shortages rocking south Africa we look to what skills can make or break an entrepreneurship by investigating what makes entrepreneurs special, how to acquire professional office space for rent and eventually live the dream.

On a recent talk on 702 with Bruce Whitfield. Amy Wilkinson, the author of “The Creator’s Code” was cited as stating “Solve your own problems – other people have them too!” She demonstrates that entrepreneurship is accessible to everyone and that it really boils down to skills.

With the South African economy remaining volatile people need to look to the likes of local creators like Elon Musk who work on “reason by first principle”. South Africans have a natural affinity of finding solutions to problems and building from the ground up. Amy called this skillset as being “based on elemental truth”.

An interesting fact on the questioning mind of an entrepreneur was that they resemble more of a 5 years olds brain (they ask up to a 100 questions or more a day, where a person that is 40 years or older asks, on average, 5 questions per day)

Ask more questions
When considering office space to rent you need to ask questions. How much will I save in the long run? Who has a national footprint? With my savings on capital expenditure i.t.o. owning a building, insurance and operating costs such as a secretary and internet, how much more quickly can I live the dream?

One hat does not fit all
Other interesting entrepreneurs found their gap in the market by using cross fertilisation, using working business models and repurposing them to fill the gap. Amy cited Howard Schultz as the perfect example with his take on coffee culture.

Get your “spankx on”
An amazing success story, Spanx, where Sara Blakely became the youngest self-made underwear entrepreneur billionaire in America with an idea, market gap and only $5000 in start-up capital and no angel investors. Looking at office space to let.is a sure way to make your start-up capital goes further and is invested in your idea (where it counts) and not in buying property, staff and operational running fees, offering you a full flexible solution and hassle free environment to succeed.

By following your creative aspirations, being prepared and well as supported ensures you as an entrepreneur are able to overcome the challenges faced by business in South Africa.

South Africans have an immense opportunity to find the gap in the market in a very different way. See our article where we highlighted how “It is inevitable that the new minds are the generation that will drive transformation in the South African economy.” Look to professional office space for rent as a solution and stepping stone to living the dream just that little bit faster.

Be a 5 year old and grow
Whether you are an Elon problem / solution builder, a Howard working model twister or a spankx kind of entrepreneur, you can be assured that your success depends on asking yourself questions continuously and sometimes acting like a 5 year old and taking fully serviced office space for less responsibility.