The business ecosystem is evolving, the digital age has arrived and attention is the new currency. Office space rental lends itself to business growth, flexibility and convenience. We look at 5 sure-fire ways to ensure your success in South Africa and beyond.

At the 47th World Economic Forum, Jabu Mabuza, urged South African business “to transform itself”. The message was loud and clear our economy is stable and we South Africans are open for business.

Positive development

With reports of minimal growth already being enjoyed this year and the optimistic outlook on GDP growth by 2020 it makes sense that businesses need to approach the industry with a flexible mind-set.

Flexibility and the new buzz word “mobility” are key to success. As the industry grows so should your business. That is why doing “business with a difference” is a non-negotiable.

In light of the millennial movement and the desire for a deeper connection as well the expectation of attention to detail, business cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Office space rental ensures you are ready to address the changing needs, expansion and adaptability required to grow from strength to strength.

Ensuring Success

Flexibility by design is the fastest growing trend. Simon Russell, Experian South Africa, was quoted as saying “businesses are managing their finances reasonably well under the current circumstances.”

Having the option of rental office space speaks to supporting business in the changing economy.

Here are our never-failing success strategies for growth;

  1. Implement a solid client journey
  2. Always be about the experience
  3. Partner with flexible service providers
  4. Be comfortable in your environment
  5. Put a 5 year plan in place

Promising rapid business growth

In the pursuit to become different, to stand out from the crowd, a growth strategy that includes office space rental makes complete sense.

You can easily change up from a 2 man office to a 4 man office as well as change down, as and when required. Offices to rent consist of furnished vs unfurnished options which offers the choice to lower your initial investment and later give you the ability to make your distinctive working space.

Promoting the lifestyle

Gone are the days of 9 to 5. Customers in one location. Business in South Africa has gone global, people are eager to invest in South Africa, the land of opportunity.

Office space rental offers multiple location capabilities, low risk investment, virtual meeting solutions (bringing down travel costs), and the ability to expand rapidly or cut back if needed.

Business growth, flexibility and convenience are sure drivers for any savvy business man, opening the doors to success. Evolve with the ecosystem, be ahead of the trend and be the difference in your customers lives.

Celebrating being unique

South Africa offers masses of possibilities. The unique environment that celebrates the ideation and forward thinking business means that not only is doing business with South Africa enticing, but “setting up shop” is exciting.

Doing business differently allows for a long-term strategy for growth, ensuring you are ahead of the global curb and supported in an environment hungry for more.

Don’t waste money on buying a building, invest in your business and take the better option of renting your space.