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You may have heard “If you build it they will come” but as far as business advice is concerned this is some of the worst advice you can listen to. When running your business it takes confidence and ambition to reach the top.

When looking at the predominant makeover Durban experienced with the new stadium prior to the world cup who would have envisaged the opportunity to bungee-jump the 80 metre drop from the arch amongst the fear of failure?

Just like the impressionable design of the stadium, shouldn’t your business leave a lasting impression?

You are your own worst enemy

Running your own business incurs costs and requires not only a monetary investment but also your investment in time and driving ambition. The true cost resulting in closing your doors is in your own mind. Following the worst advice, such as;

  • Be Everywhere
    The lonely planet sites “cosmopolitan Durban aka eThekweni” as fun loving and as being “unfairly passed over for her ‘cooler’ Capetonian cousin”. Why not set up your operations in the distinct African city and get the business to come to you?
  • Location, location, location
    Insufficient capital and bad location are the top 2 reasons businesses fail within their 1st year. A fatal mistake is taking on your own building and offices without fully understanding the area as well as exactly how much money you need to keep the lights on.
  • Stick to Your Plan
    Business owners looking for office space to let in Durban often do not take into account over expansion as well as the possibility of having to tightening their belts with possible downsizing. Always make sure you have flexibility built into your business plan.

Rented workspaces create inspiring environments to succeed. Backed by advanced technology the 180 degree sea view is not all you will be boasting. When “hearing” advice on where your business will be a success bear these 5 points in mind, before you take it action;

  1. Give your business a home where there is community flavour (Durb’s has a lot)
  2. Choose an environment that is receptive to a winning culture
  3. Consider traffic, parking and ease of access as well as the environment
  4. Know the condition and safety of the actual building
  5. Location questions must include “where are my customers” as well as competitors

Be on trend

If international success is on your horizon, joining the international trend of energy efficiency is business is a great place to start. Don’t listen when you are advised that a “green building” does not make a difference and is not possible in Durban. Look for a business office rental in Durban that gives you modern finishes, motion sensor lighting and double glazed windows.

Hearing the advice does not mean you have to listen to the advice. Don’t make mistakes. Make the right choice and build your empire in Durban starting in the Ridgeside Office Park. Joining the iconic vibrant scene and making a part of history