Answering Your Office Space Needs

The organic expansion and contraction of a company is one of the more noticeable trends in staff numbers today. With the global recession still very much being felt in certain sectors in South Africa, companies need to find the office space solution that will allow them to shrink and grow organically as well.


Office Furniture says so much more

Very often the last thing that a business owner thinks about is the presentation of their business in terms of furniture. The first thing that speaks volumes about your business is the furniture that your staff deals with on a daily basis and then the office furniture you have your clients sit on when they come to your office space for a meeting.


The Pro’s and Con’s of a Virtual Office

A virtual office is an off-site alternative to keeping a sense of professionalism for your business by offering telephone management and address services. Virtual offices are fast becoming a popular trend in the small business industry whereby company owners lease a virtual office giving its current and future customers the perception of business professionalism.


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