On Friday the 15th of August, The Business Centre made a massive and revolutionary change to the billing format that it has used for the past 11 years.

So why the change?

Up until recently, we used to send our clients 3 seperate invoices and a statement each month. Each invoice was for a specific service type. In addition clients had different days on which to pay their invoices, but before doing so needed to first reconcile everything off the statement. Whilst it has worked for a number of years, we’ve always known we could offer our clients a better solution.

This new change now gives clients one single invoice and statement with upcoming rental billing and past usage. The new format also offers clients a realtime view of their account, with everything consolidated into one single invoice and statement. With this change, we are now also able to send clients their invoice and statement up to 2 weeks in advance, allowing them the benefit of sufficient time to first review the invoice, and where needed, the opportunity to query anything, prior to settling their account.

Whilst we find the new format beneficial to our business, our clients are the ones who really benefit from this change. By having a single invoice in advance, clients are able to spend more time on their business, and less time focused on accounts and billing queries.

If you would like to know more about how our new simplified billing system works, or if you’re looking for any other information about The Business Centre, then please feel free to contact one of our centres for a viewing.

TBC Team
TBC Team