Once upon a time, long, long ago an employee’s desk was his home.  From big box screens to flat screens and laptops, employees have lived through the evolution of technology. Along the way, this evolution has changed the way in which we work, where we work and how efficiently we work. With Tablets and iPads being introduced so quickly into the business world, working remotely has become as easy as ever.

Although the need for office space will always exist, hot- desking has become a trendy alternative to sqeezing employees into one office or resorting to the boring cubicle styled workstations. It might not be the ideal solution for a lot of companies, but it is the perfect answer to the part time staff conundrum. Businesses that have a lot of staff out of the office most of the time usually benefit from this business arrangement. Sales staff who are out on the road for a large portion of the day, are the perfect hot- desking candidates.

Successful hot-desking can be a difficult and uncomfortable arrangement if not properly and professionally planned. Survival tips might need to be put into place and some general rules established in order to make hot- desking work for your business.
  • Don’t mark your territory
  • Keep the space clean and hygienic
  • Come prepared (don’t leave paper, pens etc behind and expect them to be there when you return)
  • Try to stick to your scheduled time so that the process continuously runs smoothly
  • Managers need to check in with staff on an on- going basis
  • Have monthly staff meetings so that hot- desking staff do not feel too disconnected from one another and the business
Whether you are trying to cut back on business costs or you would like to find an easy way for sales staff to have desk space should they require it, The Business Centre offers various sized office spaces to suit your requirements
Hot-Desking: Hot or Not?