TBC multiple meeting rooms

Flexible workspace has fast become a business trend and successful companies realise that a work environment affects both productivity and employee retention.

Through understanding how people experience space and the benefits of offering agility in their everyday working environment your business will be enabled to put in place a strategy where they will never want to leave.

A happy workforce = happy clients which in turn leads to better business and ROI.

Workforce wellness

The first step to deciding on your workplace strategy is to gain an understanding of what your employees want from their working environment.

Modern day blurs the lines of work / life balance and people are more likely to be more productive if their environment is one that is comfortable and offers creature comforts that give flexibility while in the workplace.

Seamless technology, flow of movement, ease of access and even down to the lighting play a major role in making an office environment seem flexible for a creative and productive environment.

Building a sense of community

With an enlightened space and flexible workplace design, you will not only be able to attract the best talent but also retain your top talent.

Keeping your employees engaged will ensure that you are able to maximise their productivity and ultimately increase your profitability. Here are 5 primary considerations when looking at your workspace;

  1. Is there a fixed space to call home?
  2. Is there an open “feel” environment?
  3. Is there a “quiet” place to relax?
  4. Is there a minimal commute?
  5. Is there a great internal design?

If you answer yes to all 5 questions then you are onto a winner. When we refurbished our offices to let in Sandton, we took all of the above into account and created a comfortable environment to meet the demanding needs of agile businesses looking into flexible work environments.

Making your extra space work

For business to really prosper, in a flexible workplace, you need to investigate the affects as well as the influences that employees or even customers experience when engaging with your company.

Understand how people experience extra space and convenience. In Rivonia, for example, the prime suburb for business in Johannesburg, employees are offered a fixed space. The environment has been carefully thought out so there are open and light areas.

Quiet spaces are available for when needed, the design is light and flows and for the commuters within your business there is access to all major highways, traffic can be avoided by catching the Gautrain and your international and even national travel is a minimum of 25mins from 1 of the airports.

With the perfect blend of technology, convenience and the actual experience in a prime location your business and employee needs are met with flexible lease agreements that are affordable and your workforce will feel the benefits of access to technology, a short commute, networking, tasty snacks, superb coffee and this will lead to a sense of community where productivity is the only goal.