BlueMagnet was founded in 2008 as a Digital Marketing Training and Consulting company. At the time, it was just me working as an individual consultant and offering ad-hoc training about twice a year. For 4 years, I used operate from home and would hire various conference venues to run group training sessions.

The cost of hiring venues placed a tremendous amount of limitations on the businesses ability to Growth. In 2013, we explored the option of using TBC’s training rooms to host our courses. Although still operating individually (in a one-man office), the costs of running our courses were reduced significantly which meant that more cash was available for the business to start hiring new staff. With TBC’s flexible offices, we could quickly grow from a 1-man, to a 4-man office. New staff, meant that we could bring on more clients. More clients meant more capital to host more frequent training courses on a regular basis.

Within a period of 7 months we had already expanded to a 7 man office. BlueMagnet is now considered at the forefront of Digital Consulting and Learning with a staff compliment of 12, having grown from a 1-man operation just 2 years prior. With the national footprint offered by TBC, we were easily able to launch our business in other parts of South Africa, with Cape Town being one of the primary locations for digital training. TBC allows us to offer ad hoc training in other parts of South Africa at a very affordable rate, keeping our costs low enough to allow us to accommodate and empower more South African’s in the area of Digital Marketing.

BlueMagnet has since gone global, establishing an office in the UK this year. Had it not been for the flexibility, affordability and national footprint offered by TBC, BlueMagnet would not be where it is today and we would still be offering one-man consulting service with ad hoc training. We now have a number of lecturers and run several courses regularly on a weekly basis. In the last 2 years since establishing ourselves in TBC, we have trained over 250 qualified Digital Marketing Professionals, more than 80 Certified SEO Professionals and close to 300 individuals in various Digital Marketing disciplines. We have empowered over 150 digital marketing specialists from more than 45 digital marketing agencies and have had a ten-fold increase in our client portfolio. And the rest is history…