The way in which your office space is laid out may have an effect on the job performance and satisfaction of your employees. The connection between office space layout and organisational performance stems from the relationship between the employee and the employer.

Employees may feel less involved or needed in the decision making process that ultimately could affect them. For this reason, breaking down the traditional hierarchical office layout where the managers, supervisors or even the CEO sit separately from their employees, has become a trend which many companies are catching onto.

Many organisations have adopted the open plan office set up to encourage communication and transparency in the work place. Having a non-hierarchical office space gives employees the confidence to communicate openly to managers and other staff members. Employees often needs to ask questions and discuss suggestions, problems or concerns with management. An open office layout establishes an environment of trust and mutual respect between the employer and employee.

Work place layout for easy communication

Having a more open office space where everyone has free access to all each other, has its benefits. Nowadays office compartments are designed with shorter walls that allow just enough privacy but do not isolate you. To have quick and effective flow of communication requires office space that is designed for maximum communications capability and flexibility.  As a result the need for an office space layout that allows for easy movement and accessibility between managerial levels is extremely crucial.

Office space layout that offerS more flexibility

Many companies are settling for simple office solutions that are easy to assemble, dismantle, and relocate. This is particularly crucial in a time and age when businesses are constantly changing and need office space designs that can accommodate these changes whenever needed. The changes include creating office space for new employees or furniture.

When planning your office space, it is important to realise that the floor plans and requirements are going to change at some point. Well-designed offices spaces boost performance and productivity.

Breaking Office Space Hierarchy: a growing business trend