Say Goodbye to Procrastination with These Tips

Procrastination is something all of us do. We find excuses to go get that cup of coffee, or take a walk to “get a clear mind”. Most of the time these are legitimate ways to get back in the game, but more often than not, they are also ways to put off the job at hand. Sometimes this could be because of the enormity of the challenge or just plain laziness.

With 2014 here, it’s time to put the elimination of procrastination on the top of you resolution list.

Important tips to beat procrastination:

  • Make a list. Start by listing all of the things you need to get done in that day. List them in order of importance and your working day will not be complete until each and every point is ticked off. By being organised, your levels of stress will decrease, and your productivity will increase.
  • So you have your list, but problems do arise. Ensure your time management skills are up to par by attacking the problem head on and then returning to your list.
  • If you have larger tasks to complete, break them down. Compile your task into sub-tasks that are more manageable for you to handle.
  • Learn to prioritise not only work, but your personal life too.
  • By procrastinating you are left stressed and inefficient. Delegate tasks among colleagues if you find yourself with too much on your plate. If you finish what’s on yours, move on to what your colleagues have yet to complete. Team work and time management is key.
  • Set goals and determine your priorities accordingly. By learning your strengths and weaknesses you will be able to improve and create a sense of self-accomplishment.
  • Procrastination usually comes about when you have to do something you dislike. Therefore, spend more time on things you like doing and do them first. By getting these out the way you will be in work mode and will be able to get the nitty gritty done swiftly.

Procrastination is one sure way to get you demotivated so before you are able to start sliding down the slope of discourage, start planning your day and beating the slump.

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